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Sarah Allen Benton, MS, LMHC, LPC offers interior redesign services that focus both on your mind and environment.  The field of design psychology emphasizes the importance of one’s home surroundings and the impact on mental health and wellness.  Sarah combines her clinical mental health background with her passion for design organization to provide this unique service.

Interior redesign is a cost-effective and creative way to redecorate a space in your home by using, as well as excluding existing items.  It can also include adding decorative or furniture items needed to complete the space.

Sarah is collaborating with Lisa Martins, Co-Owner of The Rustic Barn in Killingworth, Connecticut which specializes is farmhouse style home decor and custom reclaimed barn wood furniture.  Products from this unique store can be incorporated into redesign jobs as well as custom furniture hand-crafted by Steve Martins, Co-Owner of The Rustic Barn.

To inquire further about these services or to request a Redesign Consultation, please email Sarah Benton at sarah@bentonbhc.com.

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                                Farmhouse Kitchen “Before and After”