“Straight Talk from the Sober Chicks at Insight Counseling”  Podcast with Sarah Benton and Liz Jorgensen


Liz and Sarah are two “Sober Chicks” who offer a unique perspective on parenting, substance abuse, behavioral & mental health and everything in between!


Straight Talk from the Sober Chicks at Insight Counseling


“Straight Talk From The Sober Chicks” Episodes on iTunes

Episode 3 podcast and blog: “5 Signs That You Might be a Weed Fundamentalist”

Episode 4 podcast and blog: “Dealing with Your Weed Fundamentalist: 3 Need to Know Tips for Parents”

Video excerpts of Sarah Allen Benton presenting:

“Effective 12-Step Integration for 
Dual Diagnosis Treatment”

Excerpt 1: Holistic frameworks for addiction treatment



Excerpt 2: Dual diagnosis as one condition