Case Management Services

Case management provides non-clinical care that differs from therapy in that it involves supporting the client beyond face-to-face meetings and coordinating care between clinical care providers and family.  These services are unique in that they can be performed in person or remotely.  Additionally, case managers will bring cohesion to an individual’s treatment plan and are the bridge that connects the individual, family and care providers. Case managers provide a variety of services that include but are not limited to:
• Meeting clients and family members either in person, via Skype or via phone at recommended frequency and being available for as needed contact
• Monitoring an individual’s treatment progress from the initial point of consultation/assessment, intake in a treatment center, communicating with the client’s clinical team in treatment center, assisting in the creation of comprehensive aftercare plans and overseeing implemtention of aftercare recommendations
• Providing care coordination that includes facilitating ongoing communication between the client and other members of the outpatient treatment team (i.e., therapist, psychiatrist, PCP) and arranging treatment team meetings as needed
• Assisting in the creating of a balanced behavioral daily schedule to improve functioning and recovery rate
• Acting as the point of contact for the client, which allows families to set more appropriate boundaries with their loved one

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