Therapeutic and recovery coaching


Therapeutic and recovery coaching provides less formal non-clinical support than traditional therapy.  It can also compliment therapeutic work by assisting in the client’s implementation of goals established in therapy/psychiatry sessions.  Coaches are also available for less structured communication with clients that can include in-person, phone, Skype and text support.  Coaching services can include but are not limited to:
• Coaching sessions that vary in length and format based on the client’s needs
• Creating  overseeing adherence to a weekly behavioral schedule in order to assess and ensure recovery balance and stability (i.e., educational pursuits, exercise, recovery-related activities, attending mutual help group meetings)
• Providing 12-Step based coaching and integration into life experiences beyond the scope of a traditional 12-Step Program “sponsor”
• Vocational/academic coaching and support
• Communicating, as needed, with the client’s outpatient treatment team (i.e., therapist, psychiatrist, PCP, etc.) in order to reinforce the application of coping skills taught in therapy sessions into daily life

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