New York Times
May 19, 2011
“The High-Functioning Alcoholic” by Jennifer Lade

Patriot Ledger
October 1, 2010
Quincy Patriot Ledger – “More women drinking, driving- and getting caught” by Amelia Kunhardt for the Kiplinger Fellowship on multimedia storytelling

October 4, 2010
Quincy Patriot Ledger – “Stigma, shame, big obstacles for women dealing with alcoholism” by Amelia Kunhardt for the Kiplinger Fellowship on multimedia storytelling

Winter, 2009
UK Alcohol Alert- Book Review: Murphy, H. (Issue 3, Winter 2009). “New Publication: Understanding the High-Functioning Alcoholic by Sarah Allen Benton”

New York Times
October 28, 2009
“New Bedford Native to Appear on ‘Oprah’” by Jennifer Lade

New York Times
October 23, 2009
“Gloucester author, therapist to appear on Oprah Winfrey Show” by Gail McCarthy

New York Times
May 5, 2009
Personal Health column by Jane Brody “High-Functioning, but Still Alcoholics”

London Independent
June 28, 2009
“Working Hard, Drinking Harder” by Rob Sharp

Addiction Pro
March-April 2009
“Treating the High-Functioning Alcoholic” by Sarah Allen Benton

New York Times
April 2009
“Physicians May be Included in the Ranks of High-Functioning Alcoholics” by Sarah Allen Benton

American Counseling Association
Feature article, March 2009
“Hidden in Plain Sight: Because of their external successes, high-functioning alcoholics often live in denial and escape the scrutiny of others” by Jenny Christenson

Gloucester Daily Times
July 30, 2009
“Non-Traditional Portrait of an Alcoholic: Gloucester Native’s Book Spotlights High-Functioning Majority” by Gail McCarthy

Colonial Times
May/June 2009 Issue
“Perfect on the Outside” by Laurie Atwater
PDF version

Tulsa World
May 31, 2009
“Alcoholism can be more than drinking a lot- Research shows that there are more alcoholics functioning at high levels. Congressman takes leave of absence for treatment” by Kim Archer

South Coast Today
September, 2009
“Piekni Pijani 20-Letni” (Beautiful drunk 20-year old) By Agnieska Chrzanowska and Sarah Allen Benton

Newsweek Poland
May 25, 2009
“Co robić gdy twój pracownik pije?” (What to do When Your Employee is Drinking)

May 24, 2009
“Kim byłem, kiedy piłem” (Who I Was When I Drank) By Piotr Bratkowski

South Coast Today
May 23, 2009
“News Maker Q&A: Author Sarah Allen Benton” by Jennifer Lade

STL Today

May 14, 2009
“Some Alcoholics Are High-Functioning” by Jane Brody (reprint of NY Times article)

Herald Tribune
May 12, 2009
“The Silent Suffering of Functioning Alcoholics” by Jane Brody (reprint of NY Times article)

Tapei Times
May 12, 2009
“Not Your Average Skid Row Drunk” by Jane Brody (reprint of NY Times article)

Tapei Times
May 10, 2009
“Alcoholics Can Function Undetected” by Jane Brody (reprint of NY Times article)

Times Argus
May 10, 2009
“Some Alcoholics Hide Habit Well” by Jane Brody (reprint of NY Times article)

Daily Reflector
May 7, 2009
“High-Functioning, but Still Alcoholics” by Jane Brody (reprint of NY Times article)

Psichikos ir nervu ligos (Lithuania) “Nervous and Mental Disease” magazine for medical professionals- May Issue
“Greta sekmes alkoholiui negali buti vietos” (Alcohol should not take place alongside success) by Fausta Sidaugaite
PDF Version

M Live
April 30, 2009
“Don’t let your day job fool you: You may be an alcoholic even if you’re ‘high-functioning’” by Jennifer Wezensky

Indy Star
April 16, 2009
“Here’s to Your Health: Drinking Can Be Good For You – Up to a Point” by Shari Rudavsy

Healthcare Review
December 26- January 26, 2009 (Vol. 2, Issue 10- New England Edition)
“Healthcare Professionals Can Learn How to Break Into Publishing World at Harvard CME Course” by Julie K. Silver, MD