Benton Behavioral Health Consulting, LLC (BBHC) was founded in 2014 by Joshua and Sarah Allen Benton. Together they have over 3 decades of experience in the addiction and mental health treatment field.  Sarah’s clinical background and Josh’s management experience are integrated to provide a variety of services for individuals, families and businesses.

We realize that trying to locate quality care for your loved ones when they are undergoing addiction and mental health issues can be an overwhelming experience. Therefore, our services are intended to simplify this process, navigate you and your loved ones through the treatment system and be sure that you are clear and confident about the decisions you are making along the way.

  • Transitional Sober Living Program

    Josh Benton founded and launched The Strathmore House transitional sober living program in Boston, MA in December 2015 along with Mike Appel and Lee Fitzgerald.  This program offers experienced staff, reliable services and competent care and is designed to provide male residents 18+ with a comfortable, safe and structured environment to recovery from addictive issues.  We support residents in achieving long-term recovery and independence through individualized care that encourages them to create a balanced schedule, practice life skills, establish a solid 12-Step program foundation, address mental health and health issues with outside resources, and reintegration into the community through the attainment of vocational, volunteer and/or academic goals.

    The Strathmore House is a remodeled historic brownstone offering character and features including an updated kitchen with a large dining room, two full size living rooms, two full bathrooms on each floor, three outside decks, central air conditioning and heating and wireless internet. The house’s Boston location is ideally located on the border of Brookline and Newton just off Beacon Street in Cleveland Circle.  Additionally, it is around the corner from the Subway B, C, and D green line.  Bike and walking paths with breathtaking scenery are just walking distance away along The Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

  • Mind Redesign

     Sarah Allen Benton, MS, LMHC, LPC offers interior redesign and personal organization services that focus both on your mind and environment.  Interior redesign is a cost-effective way to redecorate and integrate fresh decor in a home.  Sarah combines her clinical mental health background with her passion for design and organization to provide this unique service for homes and beach houses. Please visit the Mind Redesign page for more information.

  • Presentations and Media

    Sarah Allen Benton is currently booking speaking engagements, media appearances/interviews (see media page) and Continuing Education Trainings (CEU) on the topic of:  high-functioning alcoholics from both a personal and clinical perspective, evidence-based dual diagnosis treatment (individuals with both addiction and mental health issues) and 12-Step Program Integration for dual diagnosis treatment (brief descriptions below). She is able to tailor her presentations to audiences that include clinical and non-clinical staff at treatment centers, addiction treatment professionals and addiction/mental health/medical conference attendees. Please email her with inquiries or for more information at The following are examples of presentations that Sarah is presently offering that can be tailored to the needs of the audience:

    Understanding and Treating the High-Functioning Alcoholic

    This presentation may begin with Sarah Allen Benton’s personal story of addiction and recovery as a high-functioning alcoholic (HFA) used as a case study. The characteristics, personality traits, recovery and treatment challenges of high-functioning alcoholics will be described based on original interviews and information obtained for her book. DSM-IV TR and DSM-V diagnostic criteria will be analyzed as it relates to this topic as well as relevant research studies cited. In addition, the early recovery experience of HFAs will be compared to that of lower functioning alcoholics. Finally, treatment suggestions will be offered that are unique for the HFA population.

    12-Step Program Integration for Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

    This presentation will give a brief overview of evidence based dual diagnosis treatment and how 12-Step Programs are often involved in that process. The purpose, intention and limitations of 12-Step programs will be described.  Additionally, appropriate and inappropriate integration of 12-Step program concepts, literature and suggestions that compliment dual diagnosis treatment will be described. Case examples will also be used to demonstrate how best to combine these treatment modalities.

    “Evidence-Based Treatment for Dual Diagnosis and Co-Occurring Disorders” 

    This presentation offers education about dual diagnosis (concept and stats) and evidence based integrated treatment approaches for working with clients who have dual diagnosis (treating both the addiction and the mental health components). Additionally, strategies and approaches for speaking openly about dual diagnosis concepts with clients and psycho-education techniques are presented.

  • Consultations and Treatment Placement

    In order to determine the best path towards recovery and healing for an individual and family, it is important to obtain the necessary background information about the client’s history and present circumstances.  Consultations are conducted by Josh Benton and can be done in person or virtually with the client and/or family members who may want to be included and will provide the necessary information to make recommendations for treatment services.  These recommendations are based on the mental health and addiction symptoms, financial preferences, needs of the family, logistical limitations and preference.

    In order to streamline the referral process, Josh also offers specialized services to assist in the actual treatment placement process.  This can include contacting appropriate treatment programs, providing the necessary clinical information, setting up the intake date, arranging for an interventionist (if needed), coordinating transportation to the treatment center and collaborating with the treatment program clinical team in order to represent the needs of the client/family and to communicate relevant assessment information.

  • Business Consulting and Start-Up Services

    Josh Benton’s years of management and leadership in the addiction treatment field and real estate experience have provided him with unique expertise. Most recently, Josh founded East Coast Recovery Services’ The Strathmore House, transitional sober living for males 18+ in Boston, MA. He is also able to tailor his consulting services based on the needs of each unique company.  For already existing addiction and mental health related businesses he can conduct an audit and outline the areas where improvements can be made, in the following areas (and other areas that may need assessment): census and retention rates, strategic growth assessment and planning, quality of care (i.e., assessment of non-clinical resident curriculum), assessing operations efficiency, marketing effectiveness, staff performance and burnout, safety protocols, staffing schedules, client engagement, client satisfaction rates, success rates, alumni relations and long-term assistance in the management of the facility.  Josh can also provide expert staff recruitment services nationally to suite the needs of your company.  Additionally, he is also able to assist with the start-up of a new addiction or mental health related program by providing the following services: property location and acquisition, renovation and set-up of the facility, creation and implementation of the program, creating marketing plan, operations streamlining, Website development, creating policies and procedures, support staff protocols/burnout prevention, creation and implementation of non-clinical program curriculum, assistance in hiring staff, long-term assistance in the management of the staff, facility and any other services deemed necessary.

    Sarah Allen Benton is also available for clinical business consultation services that can include but are not limited to: creation of clinical program curriculum, interviewing/hiring clinical staff, staff training and supervision, writing and editing Website and brochure content, fostering professional referent relationships and marketing support.

  • Case Management Services

    Case management provides non-clinical care that differs from therapy in that it involves supporting the client beyond face-to-face meetings and coordinating care between clinical care providers and family.  These services are unique in that they can be performed in person or remotely.  Additionally, case managers will bring cohesion to an individual’s treatment plan and are the bridge that connects the individual, family and care providers. Case managers provide a variety of services that include but are not limited to:
    • Meeting clients and family members either in person, via Skype or via phone at recommended frequency and being available for as needed contact
    • Monitoring an individual’s treatment progress from the initial point of consultation/assessment, intake in a treatment center, communicating with the client’s clinical team in treatment center, assisting in the creation of comprehensive aftercare plans and overseeing implemtention of aftercare recommendations
    • Providing care coordination that includes facilitating ongoing communication between the client and other members of the outpatient treatment team (i.e., therapist, psychiatrist, PCP) and arranging treatment team meetings as needed
    • Assisting in the creating of a balanced behavioral daily schedule to improve functioning and recovery rate
    • Acting as the point of contact for the client, which allows families to set more appropriate boundaries with their loved one

  • Therapeutic and Recovery transports/companions

    We understand that being admitted into an addiction or mental health treatment center can often be stressful and confusing for both the client and his or her family. Additionally, family and friends may not be the most appropriate people, nor available, to transport a loved one to a treatment facility, back home or to another program. Therefore, therapeutic and recovery transport services are a valuable resource in terms of streamlining this process and bringing peace of mind to both the individual seeking services and loved ones.

    There are also times when an individual with mental health or addiction issues needs to have supervision and companionship for a short or longer period of time with an experienced professional.  Therapeutic and recovery companion services pair a client with a same gender companion and for those with addictions, is also in recovery.  These companions can accompany clients to necessary appointments, help them adhere to a daily schedule, provide oversight, notify family and the treatment team of any concerns, and attend and/or bring them to 12-Step/mutual help meetings with them.