Consultations and Treatment Placement

In order to determine the best path towards recovery and healing for an individual and family, it is important to obtain the necessary background information about the client’s history and present circumstances.  Consultations are conducted by Josh Benton and can be done in person or virtually with the client and/or family members who may want to be included and will provide the necessary information to make recommendations for treatment services.  These recommendations are based on the mental health and addiction symptoms, financial preferences, needs of the family, logistical limitations and preference.

In order to streamline the referral process, Josh also offers specialized services to assist in the actual treatment placement process.  This can include contacting appropriate treatment programs, providing the necessary clinical information, setting up the intake date, arranging for an interventionist (if needed), coordinating transportation to the treatment center and collaborating with the treatment program clinical team in order to represent the needs of the client/family and to communicate relevant assessment information.

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