Therapeutic and Recovery transports/companions

We understand that being admitted into an addiction or mental health treatment center can often be stressful and confusing for both the client and his or her family. Additionally, family and friends may not be the most appropriate people, nor available, to transport a loved one to a treatment facility, back home or to another program. Therefore, therapeutic and recovery transport services are a valuable resource in terms of streamlining this process and bringing peace of mind to both the individual seeking services and loved ones.

There are also times when an individual with mental health or addiction issues needs to have supervision and companionship for a short or longer period of time with an experienced professional.  Therapeutic and recovery companion services pair a client with a same gender companion and for those with addictions, is also in recovery.  These companions can accompany clients to necessary appointments, help them adhere to a daily schedule, provide oversight, notify family and the treatment team of any concerns, and attend and/or bring them to 12-Step/mutual help meetings with them.

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